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Diving in Dumaguete could not be easier. Most dive spots along the coastline are located in Dauin, about a 20 minute drive from south of Dumaguete and can be explored via shore entry. All dive sites in Dauin are marine sanctuaries and protected. There is no fishing allowed inside this areas. Any kind of boat traffic is also prohibited in this zones. Therefore the aquatic life in many of these sanctueries is simply breathtaking.

The black volcanic sand that stretches along the coast creates a perfect habitat for critters and strange creatures making this region one of the best in the world for muck diving. For those of you who do not know what muck diving is, then come on over and give it a do. You will be amazed by the weird and wonderful things you will find living in the "muck".

It is not all about the muck though! The coast also offers some stunning coral reefs, great drift dives, mandarin night dives, turtles, schooling fish and if you are lucky a passing whale shark can all be seen along Dauin Coast. This region has dives suitable for all divers from beginner open water to the more experienced advanced and professional divemaster, there is something for everyone here!


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