Dive logo El Dorado in Dumaguete



Depth:    Max. 27m / 89'

Skill Level:    Open Water

El Dorado

If you are passionate about sloping reefs, this location will certainly catch your attention  and will offer you a serious "ride" with the right currents. The most common marine creatures include the devilfish, ghost pipefish, antihas, moray eel and the gorgeous scarlet cleaner shrimps. Due to the frequent grass beds, the green sea turtles are a common appearance.

The sandy area located right bevore the slope is also rich in marine life, including the xeno crabs, whip coral shrimp and gaudy nudibranchs. Another great feature about this dive site is that it is perfect for all types of preferences at it is a combination of reef and muck.

Marine Life @ El Dorado

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