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Depth:    Max. 20m / 66'

Skill Level:    Open Water

Description:    Reef / Drift


Ranging in depth from 5-18 meters, this is a gentle sloping reef which also has interesting things to see in the sand (hence the name!). A large school of yellow snappers can be spotted on top of a substantial area of lettuce coral, where you will also find different kinds of sweetlips and fusiliers. Turtles, comets, shrimpfish and puffer fish are often seen around the shallows and there’s a few resident marbled groupers who let you come quite close before they hide under the coral.

Look under the coral ledges and you might see beautiful blue spotted ribbontail rays or fascinating comets who like to hide inside the coral at the daytime. Whilst the reef is not large, the diversity of life makes for a great coastal dive. There’s also abundance of new artificial reef structures, like a big Bangka boat wreck waiting to be covered with soft coral and algae to create more hiding places to the critters of the area.

The deeper area of the site is ideal for macro providing a sandy slope with occasional rocks, mooring blocks and ropes for the cool critters like frogfish to live. Flamboyant cuttlefish are common in the sandy area.

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