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Depth:    Max. 20m / 66'

Skill Level:    Open Water

Secret Corner

On a sandy slope where two currents meet, an amazing array of macro life can be found with a bit of luck. Prone to strong currents, this dive site can only be enjoyed at certain times of the day depending on the tides. On a sandy slope with what appears as nothing but sand, rubble and the occasional bottle or coconut, you can encounter several members of the octopus family (mimic octopus, coconut octopus, mototi octopus, wonderpus, blue ringed octopus) as well as hairy frogfish, ghost pipefish, common seahorse, cockatoo waspfish, flamboyant cuttlefish and several types of shrimp etc. Due to unpredictable currents this can be a challenging dive, mainly suitable for photographers and keen macro lovers. 

Marine Life @ Secret Corner


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