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Depth:    Max. 24m / 79'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Reef

Dauin North

This reef is situated close to the Dauin beach and you will often find snorkelers in the shallows. It is a gentle sloping reef with soft corals in the deep, beautiful hard corals in the middle and mixed corals in the shallows, most notably large areas of hard lettuce coral, potato coral and table corals.

Turtles are often present on this vibrant reef with lots of small reef fish, anthias, parrotfish, scorpion fish, anemonefish and much more. Large potato groupers have their home here as do quite a few large batfish, broadclub cuttlefish, day octopus and rabbitfish.

In the shallows we often find leaf fish hiding in the coral. This dive site is suitable for all divers since there is generally no current and the reef begins in very shallow water.  

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