Dive logo Pyramids in Dumaguete



Depth:    Max. 27m / 89'

Skill Level:    Open Water

Description:    Artificial Reef


The dive site name “Pyramids” comes from the large metal pyramid shaped structures scattered in this area between 15 and 25 meters depth. They have attracted an unusual number of thorny seahorses, but also other exciting critters such as saw blade shrimps hiding in the black coral, tiger shrimp, razor shrimps, arrow crabs, candy crabs and giant frogfish, as well as ghost pipefish, spiny devilfish, fang blennies, eels, sea moths and ringed pipefish etc.

In the shallows, you will find black corals, fallen tree trunks as well as some very rocky areas where large groupings of sea urchins are common, as well as many species of juvenile fish. The dive site is prone to current so make sure to dive it in good conditions, it is a good dive for all divers with a lot to see.

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