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Depth:    Max. 30m / 98'

Skill Level:    Open Water

Description:    Reef


In the shallows, the sand eventually makes way to the reef at around 6-7 meters depth. There is a large reef area just in front of the resort, where soft and hard coral mix with sponges down to around 25 meters. The area has plenty of macro life, including mantis shrimps, harlequin shrimps, frogfish, leaf scorpionfish, different species of ghost pipefish like halimeda and velvet, nudibranchs, and sometimes even blue ring octopus hunting in the reef.

Here you can also see jawfish sticking their heads out of the sand, and if you come during mating season, you might be lucky to see them while they guard their eggs in the mouths. The big day octopus are guarding their eggs in the crevices under the corals instead! Turtles often reside in the reef area, as does a large solitary barracuda. Towards north you will find a few sandy and grassy areas where pipefish and cuttlefish often hide, and further along another large reef area.

Towards the south, there is a mix of sand with interesting bottom dwellers and reef patches with healthy stag horn corals and a myriad of fish such as sweetlips and snappers. Near the yellow staghorn corals you can often see nonvenomous turtle headed sea snakes hunting and hanging out together as a family group. Deeper down you will find lush carpets of soft coral and sponges to a depth of about 30 meters. The house reef is a great dive for fish identification, photography and macro lovers. 

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