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Depth:    10m - 15m / 33' - 49' Skill Level: Advanced

Skill Level:    Advanced

Description:    Tunnel / Cavern

Dilumacat Underwater Tunnel

The tunnel of Dilumacat is located on the north side of the island. 1989 discovered by Japanese divers, this dive site is one of the highlits in El Nido.

The Tunnel starts at 12 meters depth and is 35 to 40 meters long. It has a few ceiling holes which makes this dive site an incredible spectacle. The entrance is wide enough for two divers to penetrate together and a 15 - 20 meters tunnel leads to a cavern at the center. The bottom is sandy where small fish and crabs can be seen. The way out is more narrow and only one diver can exit the 10 meter tunnel at a time. It will bring you out to a rocky area some 20 meters from the entrance and you may see larger fish here.

A fantastic place to see some really special and different species of nudibranches that are not found anywhere else in Bacuit Bay. For advanced divers only!


Video by: quentinkaas

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