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Depth:    12m - 30m  / 39' - 98'

Skill Level:    Advanced

Description:    Slope Reef

North Rock

North Rock is part of Tagbao Island, also known as Tres Marias, which is under a conservation coral program, so it is totally forbidden to dive or snorkel in its vicinity except in North Rock where divers are allowed. With good air consumption it is possible to dive all around the rock.

North Rock has an amazing variety of topography and different diving environments. On one side, you can find a vast flat reef with huge table corals, massive corals and staghorns. This is where you can encounter black tip sharks!

Toward the channel located on the southern part of the island, there is a really nice swim through. It is composed by huge rocks. There is a cleaning station on the top of a beautiful branching cup coral frequently visited by golden jacks and big pompano fish.

These reefs are inhabited by a huge school of barracuda, big eye jack fish and golden spade fish. You have to be lucky enough to dive when they are hanging out in the shallows. If you are, you will be experiencing a truly breathtaking sight!

From october to december, if you are in a blessed day, you might see whale sharks!

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