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Description:    Shallow Reef

Tagbao Island

North-west of Miniloc are two tiny islands called Tagbao. There are three important reefs nestled between these islands. This place is perfect fot beginner level divers as the water can be comfortably shallow. Be prepared to be greeted by bountiful crayfish and corals.

Also part of the Tres Marias triple reef system, this rocky island offers an excellent vantage point for viewing pelagics along its deeper areas, and among the reefs, it is a great place to enjoy a simple snorkel or a shallow dive. 

With magnificient corals and exquisite sponges creating the ideal backdrop for photos, it is great for both macro and wide angles shots, and due to the sheer number of fish and other creatures you can find at the site. Tagbao Island is the perfrct place to work on your underwater videography skills. Watch out for small reef sharks and be sure to keep an eye out for the turtles and dolphins that can sometimes be seen here.

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