Dive logo West Entalula in El Nido



Depth:    5m - 36m  / 16' - 118'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:     Drop-off Reef

West Entalula

On the west side of Entalula Island (also known as Intalula Island) there is a wall which fits all divers and lovers of deep dive. The dive starts on a reef around 5 meters, which turns into a wall dropping until a maximum depth of 35 meters. Small caverns are found along the way where fishes are hidden.

This is the best wall dive in El Nido. Starts with a flat reef and as you turn east you enter the wall. Species to be found here are moray eels, orangutan crabs, lion and scorpion fish and on the deeper area bigger fish like marbled groubers and marbled rays. On a clear day you can spot eagle rays swimming in the channel.

Marine Life @ West Entalula

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