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Depth:    5m - 30m  / 16' - 98'

Skill level:    All Level

Description:    Slope Reef

Twin Rocks

This two rocks are nearby the north-east of Miniloc Island. This dive site offers you a reef dropping into a sandy bottom from 5 to 30 meters. The reef is dove on the left shoulder and next to the corner of one rock, at a depth of 16 meters it turns into a sandy patch known as the airport due its full of blue spotted stingrays.

On this site are plenty of scorpion fish and stone fish, home of a resident giant sea turtle - seen mostly feeding on the shallow areas or on a night dive resting on one of the ledges of the wall. This is a great deep dive with maximum depth of 35 meters. Advise to watch the currents which can become strong enough which make it hard to return to the buoy.

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