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Bound by waters, the Philippines has rich marine Life. The island of mactan in Cebu. for one, has some of the country's finest dive destinations that many underwater enthusiasts and even beginners keep going back to. Along with its surrounding islands, Mactan offers excellent shore-based diving in its colorful and diverse marine sanctuaries.

There is a lot of dive sites around Mactan and Cebu. And the most beautiful part is that all levels of scuba divers will enjoy diving in Mactan and Cebu as there is so much for every type of dive. From underwater caverns, freshwater cave diving, shallow shipwrecks to deep penetration technical wrecks diving, Mactan and Cebu are a must to dive.

But there are not only caves and wrecks as a dive sites in Mactan or around Cebu; the marine biodiversity is one of the greatest in all around the Philippines, as Mactan and Cebu are right in the middle of the golden coral's triangle.

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