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Malapascua got his name way back in time. It says that some Spaniards have been sailing through the Visayas in the year of 1520. Due to some bad weather their boat stranded on Malapascua on Christmas Day, 25th December 1520. While having a broken boat and sitting on a tropical island far away from home during a tropical storm, they called the island Mala Pascua, which literally means “Bad Christmas”. 

Today Malapascua is a laid back island with lovely people living here. The “Thresher Shark” made the island famous by divers and every year more and more people coming to enjoy the white sandy beaches, the lovely small resorts, the nicest local people and excellent diving. Surely a great place to visit and to completely forget about the western world.

The diving is amazing, from Gato Island, thresher sharks, mandarine spawning and much more, to beautiful beaches, sunsets and sunrises, Malapascua should be on every diver’s bucket list. In the northernmost tip of Cebu, one of the largest provinces in the Philippines is a small island revered for its amazing diving spot.

Malapascua, situated in Logon village, started gaining popularity in the 1990s due its beautiful coral gardens, coral walls and reefs, wrecks, and diverse marine life.But the thing that makes this island unique and world famous can be found in one of its number one dive spot, Monad Shoal. Malapascua is the only place in the world where divers can regularly see, thresher sharks.

For this alone, Malapascua diving is one of the best experiences a diver could ever have.


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