Dive logo Sunken Island in Moalboal



Depth:    25m - 30m / 82' - 98'

Skill Level:    Advanced Open Water

Sunken Island

A spectacular dive, for experienced divers only. It’s actually an underwater pinnacle, with the summit about 25m below the surface. You have to drop through 25m of open blue water and mostly strong currents to reach the top of this shoal. U/w photographers love to shoot pictures of the big school of lionfish, often 20 in one place and reaching substantial sizes.

Also you find frogfish and spanish dancers in this area. And, of course, pelagics: great school of jacks and tuna, barracuda, grouper and snapper, schools of blue triggerfish and mackerel, as well as the occasional manta ray or shark. Beware of strong currents here.

Marine Life @ Sunken Island


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