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Depht:    40m / 131'

Skill Level:    Open Water

Description:    Reef / Wall

Marine Sanctuary

Absolutely stunning walls, coral gardens and many turtles call this haven their home. Frog fish are a regular sighting on these dives, as well as all the critters you can wish for. The journey is a 40 minute ride by bunka boat from Alona Beach. A Marine Sanctuary with sheer walls to 40m. Black Forest, Divers Heaven, Cathedral & Sanctuary are the specific divesites at Balicasag.

With giant black corals, schooling jack fish, barracudas, turtles, sponges, anemones, moray eels, soft and hard corals make Balicasag Island a must see, must dive. Whale sharks are seen about once a fortnight swimming gracefully along the walls – so don’t forget to look “Into the Blue”.

Marine Life @ Marine Sanctuary


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