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Depth:    Max. 37m / 121'

Skill Level:    Advanced Open Water

Description:    Reef / Wreck

Hagbat Wreck

The Habagat wreck is a steep slope dive going down to 35 meters (115 feet). We usually start the dive on the little wreck, then go up on the nice sloped wall. During the dive, you will see a lot of different marine life as you ascend along the steep slope where good to very good visibility is usually the standard.

The Habagat Wreck rests at 35 meters (115 feet) on a sandy seabed. If you are planning to dive the wreck that was sunk in 2000, monitor your NDL unless you are a tec diver with a 50% deco tank (cylinder) for safe decompression. There are also few small caves in the wall near the wreck where groupers and snappers are always hiding.

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