Dive logo Pamilacan Island in Panglao



Depth:    40m / 131'

Skill Level:    Open Water

Description:    Reef / Slope / Drift

Pamilacan Island

Pamilacan is uniquely situated from the mainland and has a marine sanctuary where dolphin and whales can be sighted. Pamilacan island is also known for its big barracudas and manta rays, as well as many other species of marine life lurking in its waters.

The Pamilacan Island, which is made of corals and fossilized shells, has an underwater sloped reef where the soft and hard coral biodiversity is unique to the region. Pamilacan island is also endowed with beautiful aquatic organisms. The tunicates, sponges, anemones and massive gorgonians are growing in an excellent environment.


Video by: divescotty.com

Marine Life @ Pamilacan Island


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