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Dive Sites in Puerto Galera


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Just 3–4 hours travel by bus and boat from Manila, this gorgeous collection of picturesque bays, beaches, coves and islands is one of the country’s top dive destinations.

Diving in Puerto Galera will immerse you in a colorful underwater world, filled with an incredible variety of corals, fish, sea turtles and stunning (and sometimes bizarre) sea creatures.

Diving among amazing reefs brings you face to face with more biodiversity than the Caribbean and Great Barrier reef combined!

Puerto Galera is highly recommended for underwater photographers, marine biologists and enthusiasts for its marine biodiversity.

The dive sites are between 5 to 40 meters in depth and water temperature is averaging at 26-29 Degrees Celsius. Currents (often brisk) are common in the area. It is due these currents that Puerto Galera is teaming with a healthy and plentiful marine life. But there are also more shallow and calmer no-current dive sites that are ideally suited for beginners and the visibility is usually ranging from 15 to 25 meters, sometimes to 30-35 meters.

The “UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program International” declared the area a research center and the reefs a marine reserve. The great ecological complexity and the abundant species have earned Puerto Galera a reputation as one of the best dive destinations in the Philippines and Asia.

Interactive dive site map

  1. Dry Dock
  2. La Laguna Point
  3. Alma Jane Wreck
  4. St.Christopher Wreck
  5. Sabang Reef
  6. Sabang Wreck
  7. Sabang Point
  8. Monkey Wreck
  9. Monkey Beach
  10. Ernie's Point
  11. Dungon Wall
  12. Wreck Point
  13. West Escarceo
  14. Fish Bowl
  15. Canyons
  16. Hole in the Wall
  17. Pink Wall
  18. Shark Cave
  19. The Atoll
  20. Kilima Beach / Steps
  21. Sinandigang Wall
  22. Turtle Rock
  23. Coral Cove
  24. Boulders
  25. Japanese Wreck
  26. The Hill
  27. Batangas Channel
  28. Mamuds Reef
  29. Sweetlips Corner
  30. Marcos Cave
  31. Coral Garden
  32. Manila Channel
  33. Odie's Wall
  34. Hot Spring
  35. Verde Island Drop Off
  36. Hibo Reef