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Depth:    5m - 20m / 16'- 66'

Skill Level:    Novice & Above

Description:    Wreck

Sabang Wrecks

Perhaps the most famoust dive site in Puerto Galera, the Sabang Wrecks, the photographers and macro lovers mecca. Three small boats have been sunk with the purpose to create artifical reefs. All three of the wrecks on this dive site are positively teeming with every variety of marine life imaginable, and also make for excellent night dives, when the nocturnal creatures come out to feed.

Here you can see big schools of batfish, surgeonfish and on the wrecks lionfish, scorpionfish and stonefish are common. With a maximum depth of 20 meter most divers can cover all three wrecks in one dive but you can also do one of them and end the dive on the shallow coral reef which starts around 12 meter. Always a nice dive with the chance to see something unusual.

Sabang Wrecks is a really popular dive site to find majestic green seaturtles swimming around, gently grazing in the seagrass. If you look closely, you'll find all kinds off macro life swimming around the seagrass, which they call their home.

The wrecks are home of most of the marine life you find around Puerto Galera. Be careful not to get to close as numerous very well camouflaged scorpionfish and stonefish live on the wrecks. Bring a torch and look underneath, and you'll find giant moray eels, lionfish, crabs and shrimps as well as schools of catfish and squirrelfish hiding during the day. Stargazers  are common here, as well as snake eels, flounders and pipefish. One of the big attrctions are frogfish, that can be found ond the wrecks but also on the sand.


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Marine Life @ Sabang Wrecks

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