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Depht:    5m - 24m / 10'- 78'

Skill Level:    Novice & Above

Description:   Slope

Monkey Beach

A coral slope down to 20 meter makes this an easy dive, expect from when currents are running - you can pick up quite a lot of speed here. If you drop in the middle of the bay, you will most likely encounter a wreck at 18 meter, tilted to the side. Many frogfish especially the black variety, have made this area their home. Look around in the sand and you'll find lots of small holes, most of them ihabited by the shy jawfish. See anything green running swiftly over the sand from one coral to the next? It's probaly a mantis shrimp, they are very common here. plenty of smallreef fish, crinoids and nudibranches.

On a ebb tide you can drift along the reef while seeing feather stars, moray eels, turtles and fussiliers to name but some few species. This is a popular night dive when tubeworms can be spotted at their best. You can drift all the way to Sabang Point with minimal effort. Cross currents are common on a flood tide.

You also will find many other fish like scribbled snapper, titan trigger fish, blue fin trevally, long nose emperors, sea turtles, blue spotted rays etc. A fine place to drift along with a mild current which let's you cover a big part of the reef on a single dive.


Video provided by: badladz.com

Marine Life @ Monkey Beach

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