Dive logo Coral Garden in Puerto Galera


Depth:    5m - 15m / 16' - 49/

Skill Level:    Novice @ Above

Coral Garden

The name gives it away - a great dive for beginners and photographers, as well as for snorkelers. Coral Garden is a beautiful divesite with large coral heads scattered on a white sandy bottom from the beach down to 10 meters. Between the coral heads, giant plate corals, staghorn corals and barrel sponges, you will find soft corals abundant with reef fish such as antheas, parrotfish, large schools of sargent majors, damsel fish, butterfly fish and angel fish.

Look closer in the sand or under the outcroppings, and you will find gobies, lizard fish, shrimps, scorpionfish, juvenile lionfish and the occasional grouper. Check the tide table bevore you go, this can be a very easy dive - but also an exhilarating drift!

Coral Garden is a top spot for night dives, the rubble between the many bomies is perfect places to spot several rare crabs, flatworms, bigger nudibranchs like the spanish dancer and many others. A shallow dive with 15 meter as maximum depth gives you plenty of time to playin the garden.

Marine Life @ Coral Garden

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