Dive logo Coral Cove in Puerto Galera


Depth:    Maximum  25m / 82'

Description:    Reef / Wall

Coral Cove

A wonderful dive site for macro lovers. A sloping reef ends in a small wall at 20 meter that follows the reef along for quite some time. On the slope, you will find countless nudibranchs, whip coral, sea fans, puffer fish and very often cuttle fish.

The wall and its overhangs is home to some unusual critters - blue and black ribbon eels, juvenile emperor fish, pipefish of all varieties, orangutan crabs hiding in bubble coral, flamboyant cuttlefish and frog fish just to name a few. 

Banded sea snake is common here, as are blue spotted stingrays on the adjacent sandy bottom. Go deeper and you might find thorny sea horses hiding in the rubble.

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