Dive logo Fish Bowl in Puerto Galera


Depth:    35m - 40m / 115' - 131'

Skill Level:    Advanced

Fish Bowl

The dive requires a blue water descent to the top of the Fish Bowl in 35 - 40 meters. The rocky reef top is stadium shaped, and is covered with long whip corals and soft tree corals. It drops off to a sandy bottom in deep water.

In the bowl you may see whitetip reef sharks, sweetlips and rainbow runners. Looking out into the blue water tuna and jacks are common. After a few minutes in the bowl, you will be swimming up the contour of the reef to the canyons. Technical divers can venture into the Fish Bowl and work their way down.

Here rocky coral formations, gorgonians and black whip corals break up the sandy bottom, and it is possible to get close to some of the larger fish life when there is a mild current. The dive can be done on a stronger current, but the Fish Bowl is a difficult place to stop in when a current is running and you'll find yourself swept off the reef instead.

Marine Life @ Fish Bowl

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