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Depth:    5m - 28m / 16' - 92'

Skill Level:    Novice & Above

Description:   Wall

Dungon Wall

From a beautiful hard and soft coral slope, you'll find yourself on a pretty wall starting at 12 meters and continuing down to 25 meters. The wall has plenty of cracks and crevices with lionfish, scorpionfish and porcupine fish hiding in them. The wall is also famous for its assortment of nudibranches and flatworms. Also look around for moray eels; white eyed, clouded, many of them stay in this area.

See a black crinoid looking bulkier than normal? Ist probaly a frogfish. During the colder months, a big barracuda has often seen resting close to the wall. Continue deeper from the wall and you will encounter the wreck of an old sailing catamaran. Inside the two hulls hide ringed pipefish, lionfish, puffer fish and juveniles of all sorts.

On your way shallower, you will find that big carpet anemone are common here, many of them ihabited not only by anemonefish but also by porcelain crab. Many big gorgonian fans at the bottom of the wall, sometimes they play host to pygmy seahorses, angelfish, triggerfish, butterfly fish, trumpet fish, bassets, anglerfish, cleaner wrasse, sponges, hard corals, soft corals. It's all here for you to see. Don't forget your camera.

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