Dive logo Sabang Point in Puerto Galera


Depht:    5m - 25m / 26' - 82'

Skill Level:    Novice & Above

Sabang Point

Pristine hard corals adorned with colorful crinoids cover this beautiful reef from very shallow down to 25 meters. At 20 meters, you will encounter a small wall that drops off to a white sandy bottom. Big purple sea fans and whip corals are abundant on the deeper reef. This healty reef is abundant with reef fish such as parrotfish, snapper, surgeonfish and triggerfish but also cuuttlefish and octopus as well as turtles on a good day.

A very nice spot where you have the chance to find pygmy seahorses in one of the many gorgonian fans in this area. Sometimes robust ghost pipefish hide between the coral blocks on the sandy bottom. Anglerfish can also been seen, and very big puffer fish. It can be difficult to catch the current going the right way, but when you do, this site offers chances to find the things you haven't seen yet. With a maximum depht of 25 meters and timed to avoid strong currents it is a very easy dive with plenty to look at.

Marine Life @ Sabang Point

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