Dive logo Odie's Wall in Puerto Galera


Depth:    22m - 35m / 72' - 115'

Odie's Wall

Since local fisherman turned dive boat captain Udilon "Odie" discovered this spectacular wall, it has become one of Puerto Galera's most popular dive sites. After a blue water descent down to 25 meters in the middle of nowhere, you will find yourself gazing at a rocky wall sloping down gently to about 42 meters

It has extraordinary abundance and diversity of marine flora and fauna, huge gorgonian fans and black coral trees that are not present in the other dive sites, giant clams and colorful barrel sponges shelter redtooth triggerfish, groupers, trumpetfish, angelfish, fusiliers, basslets, moray eels and banded sea snakes, thorny oysters and occasionaly, manta rays, Good for nitrox dive.

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