Dive logo La Laguna Point in Puerto Galera

LA LAGUNA POINT                                                             

Depth:    5m - 20m / 16' - 20'

Skill Level:    Novice & Above

La Laguna Point

On the edge between Big La Laguna beach and Small La Laguna ditto, extends a small wall with a very healty reef. Starting at 5 meters, it drops down to 15 meters where a lush coral slope takes over down to 25 meters. The wall has cracks and crevices with an amazing variety of marine life; from colonies of anemonefish to scorpionfish, schools of longfin bannerfish, sweetlips, cardinalfish, triggerfish and hiding lionfish. Look out for the seal real clownfish, there are a few families here.

A big variety of nudibranches is found here, as well as moray eels and the occasional blue ribbon eel. Between 15 and 20 meters there are two large coral covered hills with a sandy channel in betwen them, a great place to find frogfish, octopus and schools of snappers as well as big sea fans.

There are several scattered banca wrecks along this reef, as well as the "Speedboat" wreck of Small La Laguna.

Marine Life @ La Laguna Point

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