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Depth:    18m - 33m / 59' - 108'

Skill Level:    Novice & Above

The Atoll

Rising from 33 meters to 20 meters, this huge rock stands upright on the bottom, with an overhang on the side and lots of small crevices on the deep side. Covered in soft coral, fans and sponges The Atoll  is very colorful and home of many fascinating creatures. To explore the overhang - where frogfish, flatworms, nudibranches, etc are common, as are sweetlips and scorpionfish and bigger groupers.

The rock face is spotted with moray eels and clouds of small reef fish. This dive is best done on nitrox and with a bit of planning you can extend the dive by swimming over towards Shark Cave or Kilima Steps towards shallower depths. The dive has to be done on a floot, when there is less current

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