Dive logo West Escarceo in Puerto Galera


Depth:    5m - 35m / 16' - 115'

Skill Level:    Novice & Above

West Escarceo

Exhilarating drift dive or gentle photography dive along a slope teeming with fish?  you chose. On a strong flood, this is your opportunity to fly weightless through the water, but on any other day you have a reef suitable for all levels with lots to see. The sloping reef starts at around 5 meters with a healty reef spotted with very large coral boulders, and turns to sand in 25 meters, where bluespotted stingrays are common. The deeper areas spot long whip corals and lots of redtoothed triggerfish trying to hide from you in the many cracks and crevices.

West Escarceo also has an unusual abundance of scorpionfish and octopus, both excellent at camouflaging themselves so watch out! Large pufferfish are always seen here, and big groupers are often spotted. Schools become more common here as we grt closer to Escarceo Point with its currents, so expect to see big mouth mackerel, juvenline tuna, trevally and emperor fish here

Marine Life @ West Escarceo

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