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Depth:    5m - 20m / 16' - 66'

Skill Level:    Novice & Above

Wreck Point

The name is derived from the large anf unfortunate ship that sunk here in a tyohoon many years ago. It is visible from the surface still, and rest in only a few meter of water. The shallow parts of the bay are magnificent, the majestic table corals spread to catch the rays of the sun. Amongst them play many of the smaller fish that are so often overlooked

Spectacled hawkfish, standing guard with their brilliant marks around their eyes and the neon damsel fish, fish of such  an irridescent blue thgat is rearly seen in nature, antheas and blue-green chromis all over the reef. Here and there a huge brain coral disrupts the the landscape. This is an easy dive, but the currents can get strong so be prepared for a beauyiful ride along the coral slope.

Marine Life @ Wreck Point

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