Dive logo Sinandigang Wall in Puerto Galera



Depth:    5m - 25m  / 16' - 115'

Skill Level:    Advanced

Sinandigang Wall

Nudibranch heaven! A rocky slope is broken up by two walls, the bigger going down to 30 meters where big rocks are scattered on the bottom. Between the walls hundrets of nudibranchs flourish, as do countless sea cucumbers. The diversity is massive. On the same dive, you'll encounter up to 15 different species of colorful nudibranchs, harlequin sweetlips, the occasional Leaf fish, warty frogfish, crocodile fish hiding under rocky outcrops, almost every kind of anemone there is (including clownfish)

The walls are covered with sponges and green tree coral, and lionfish and cuttlefish are common signtings here. Once you leave the walls and go shallow, you will find an impressive variety of hard coral and mushroom corals all the way to very shallow water. This is a great dive site for macro photographers but everyone is usually taken by this colorful and varied dive. Must be done on a flood.

Filled with an absolute abundance of nudibranchs, this is a perfect spot for colorful photography. A nice deep dive, you'll be astounded by the sheer numbers of nudibranchs around you.

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