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Depth:    Maximum 27m / 89'

Shark Cave

And then there's the sharks. The cave is a large overhang, which happens to the favourite spot for white tip reef sharks to rest during the day. The ledge is at about 27 meters depht and there's almost always a few sharks hanging out inside the cave. Bring your torch since they can be quite shy and hide in  the inner parts of the narrow cave, but don't be affraid if they come as close as within a meter from you. They are not dangerous and you will be amazed by there grace.

There's a few other ledges around, under which baby sharks are sometimes found, as well as stingrays. The sharks share their space with lots of other small fish in the foreground, which make them very hard to photograph.

This is a great nitrox dive and best done on flood tide when the area has no or very little current. The area around the Shark Cave has many sea fans and giant barrel sponges and is especially popular among octopus for its many cracks and crevices. On your way shallow, if your air and bottom time lasts that long, you may pass by the Hole In The Wall.

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