Dive logo Kilima Beach / Steps in Puerto Galera


Depth:    5m - 40m / 16' - 131'

Skill Level:    Advanced & Above

Kilima Beach / Steps

A fantastic dive for the diversity of the fish and coral found here. starting in shallow water, the dive site consists of flat areas broken up by small walls - ridges - at all depths, with the deepest one in 30 meters. the reef is litteraly teeming with life, with schoolks of antheas, surgeonfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, parrotfish and all the other common reef fishes. Moray eels are very common here, and you will find one ore two under most coral heads or rocks, often different species sharing a hole.

Frogfish and banded sea snakes, turtles and octopus also frequent the area. A school of batfish tends to hang around in 18 meters and a big school of hunting longnose emperor fish very often speed past on their way to find a prey.

Pygmy seahorse have always been common here and tjis id the only place in Puerto Galera where you can admire the beautiful pallete surgeon fish. By the deeperwalls, schools of redtoothed triggerfish will appear above you as youcruise along. This dive has to be done on a flood tide, or it it will turn into the infamous Kilima Drift, a whole different story.

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