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Depht:    5m - 24m / 16' - 79'

Skill Level:    Novice & Above

Manila Channel

The Manila Channel is another fantastic dive site in Puerto Galera. Hard, stony corals can be found in this dive site which can already be seen at 1meter of the water. Also remains of a shipwreck that caught fire and sunk hundreds of years ago can be found here although not much of it is left now,

You start the dive in shallow water around 5 meter on a beautiful reef, which is alive with hard and soft corals and hundrets of small tropical fish. Anthias, butterfly fish, damsels, parrot fish and many more abound. The reef slopes off to a sandy bottom and as you follow the contours of the reef on a flood tide, the clear water from the Verde Passage helps you drift into the channel as you drop off to around 18 meter moving past a small wall covered with fans and whip corals.

Surgeon fish, tuna, snapper and sweet lips are common to this area. After the wall the contour begins to slope back up to shallow water. Large basket sponges,fans and green tree corals cover the reef. Best to dive on flood or slack high tide.

With very little finning needed, your air lasts longer and you get more of the amazing sea life. The Secret Bay 12 - 16 meter a diving spot that was until recently closed, giving the fish the chance to grow to astounding numbers of variety. Many incredibly rare fish call this bay their home.

That makes this the perfect dive site to visit if you want to spot exotic creatures. If you have the eyes for it, this is a macro heaven and is highly recommended as a night dive.


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