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Depth:    22m - 32m / 72'- 105'

Skill Level:    Advanced


A world class exhilarating drift dive, this is "the dive" to do in Puerto Galera if you are an experienced diver with a taste for the fast and furious. Drop in close to the "hole in the wall" and let current take deeper along the slope until you reach an area where currents and mother nature has formed three spectacular canyons in the reef. The Canyons all have sheltering walls and sandy bottoms, where you can kneel down and rest - and watch the big fish fighting in the current above your head. on all sites of the Canyons, the slope quickly drops down to 40 meter plus, so the only way once you get to the Canyons is...up!

Try to stay for a while and admire the schooling drums, trevallies, batfish, sweetlips and the big sea fans. Inside the Canyons you'll find octopus, scorpionfish, sea snakes and other reef fish. At the end of the third and deepest canyon (30 meter) there is an old 1.5 meter anchor embedded in the rock, where divers often meet and hold on bevore letting go and starting the blue water ascent. This is the one dive site where even bigger animals are sometimes spotted. Manta rays, tresher sharks, and hammerhead sharks have all been seen there.

This is a dive site that changes every time you experience it, on a slack tide it can be a gorgeous dive for photographers, where as on strong ebb it can scare the most jaded of divers. Best done in nitrox of course, the dive ends with a blue water ascent and a safety stop in the blue water. By the time you exit you'll find that you'll have drifted far off into the ocean.Make sure that you stay with and behind your guide all times.


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