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Depth:    15m / 49'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Slope

Daquit Shoal

Daquit shoal is a nice dive site located off the north-east coast of Siquijor, more or less east of Enrique Villanueva. The shoal must be dived from boat as it’s too far from land, but it’s fortunately easy to find as the top of this shoal sits at just five meters. This makes it a good snorkeling site as well.

The highlight of diving Daquit shoal is the two cathedrals, so named because they are rather spectacular overhangs at around 20-25 meters. The current is usually less at the cathedrals, but currents can be rather strong at this site, so it’s a good idea to watch the tide tables. You can expect to see nice big bucket sponges and corals. There’s plenty of anthias and damsel fishes as well as blueside wrasses.

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