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Depth;    18m - 35m / 59' - 115'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Slope / Wall

Tonga Point

Tonga point is located off the north-west of Siquijor, to the west of Siquijor town. It’s a nice wall dive, starting with the drop off at seven meters. The wall goes straight down to twenty five meters where it flattens out and slopes ever so gently. The action happens on the wall, – there’s not much to see deeper than 25 meters.

Beside the thrill of diving on a sheer wall, the highlight of this dive is probably a fair chance to see napoleon fish and humphead parrotfish sometimes mistaken for each other. There’s not that many hard corals on the wall, but there’s quite a few delicate sea whips. With good eyes you may also spot frogfish on the reef edge!

Marine Life @ Tonga Point


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