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Depth:    Max. 20m / 66'

Skill Level:    Open Water

Description:    Reef


Tambisan is a relaxing dive where schools of smaller reef fish are prevalent. Large Gorgonian Sea Fans cling to the wall and colonies of green Tubastrea Corals and Black Corals trees forest the entire area. Several small caverns and crevices are home to numerous invertebrates and there are also populations of Sweepers, Squirrelfish and Soldierfish in evidence. The top of the reef at around 10m is carpeted in Anemones all hosting various species of Anemone fish.

Although the tentacles are harmful to other fish, these tiny creatures are among the few species of fish that can avoid the potent poison of a sea Anemone. Porcelain Crabs and Commensal Shrimps can also be located and as you descend a little deeper, you can find pairs of Fire Dartfish hovering above their burrows, seeking out their next tasty morsel.

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