Dive logo Paliton Staghorn in Siquijor



Depth:    30m / 98'

Skill Level:    Open Water

Paliton Staghorn

This divesite is a direct continuation of the Paliton Wall dive site to the south of it. As the Paliton wall dissolves into a sandy slope, you enter the Paliton Staghorn. The highlight for many divers is the blue ribbon eels found frequently in this area. Additionally, as the name of the dive site implies, there are two large sections with nice staghorn corals as well as some barrel sponges.

The coral section host a wealth of reef fish and you can expect to see snappers as well as snubnose drummers. Although it’s possibly to dive a bit deeper than 30 meters by following the sandy slope down as it starts to flatten out, there isn’t much to see. The action is really between ten and twenty meters. This is also an easy dive site for novices and it offers good snorkeling opportunities to boot.

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