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Bordered on three sides by mountainous peaks, Subic Bay combines tropical waters with lush tropical rain forest. Once the home base of the US naval forces in the Pacific, it is now a hotspot for eco-tourism and incredible wreck diving. The area is steeped in history and is a must for any wreck diving enthusiast.

The Marine life in Subic Bay is diverse and you are likely to see plenty of coral fish, shellfish, blue-spotted stingrays, turtle, octopus, schools of both jacks and tuna, batfish, sweetlips and sometimes sharks.

Subic Bay Philippines has one of the highest concentrations of war wrecks within sport-diving range in the world. According to the Subic Bay Historical Museum, 19 wrecks dating from the Spanish-American War to the Second World War have been identified in Subic Bay.

Ironically, these Subic Bay dive sites have only recently been opened to recreational divers, due to the existence of a major US Navy base at Subic Bay until 1991.

For many years, the US Navy restricted access to the dive sites, banning all diving except by military personnel.It was only after departure of the US military that wreck-diving enthusiasts were able to start exploring this treasure trove of history.

The best time to dive in Subic Bay is February – May with visibility sometimes above 30 meters at some of the sites.


Visibility varies from site to site but is generally better at the reef sites, The Barges, Canyons Reef, Nabasan Reef and Runway Reef. In general visibility is best during March to May but can vary from day to day.

Sites like USS New York and other wreck sites located deep inside the bay are usually better to visit during mornings with visibility ranging from 10 – 20 meters but sometimes as low as 5 – 7 meters.

The visibility range at a specific dive site can sometimes changed dramatically from one day to another, its therefore recommended to visit each wreck site multiple times during your stay in Subic Bay.


Dive conditions are generally fair throughout the whole bay with currents ranging from mild to non existent, making Subic bay a great location for both beginners and more advanced divers.

Water temperature

Water temperature avarages between 27 – 29 degrees Celsius.

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