Dive logo Runway Reef in Subic Bay



Depth:    5m - 20m / 16' - 66'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Reef / Drop - Off Wall

Runway Reef

This site is located right at the East end of the Runway and is one of the coral reef sites within Subic Bay. This dive site is commonly used as training ground for less experienced divers but also considered as a fun dive amongst more experienced divers. The site offers a drop-off wall starting at a depth of approximately 5 meters, and continues down below 20 meters, with the major part of the reef between 9 - 18 meters.

This reef is mostly made up of hard coral types with a frequent presence of both sea whips and sea anemones. The corals are home to a wide variety of reef fish species. Blue spotted stingrays and pufferfish are very common at this site. Waters here are usually clear, making this dive site good for underwater photogrophy and a regular dive spot for Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver courses.

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