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Depth:    16m - 26m / 52' - 85'

Skill Level:    All levels

Description:    Wreck

Japanese Patrol Boat

The wreck stands upright at a maximum depth of 26 meters and is structurally intact. The exact type and purpose of this ship is unknown, but with a length of 120 feet, a width of 25 feet and weighing around 150 tons, she was most likely used as a tug boat or submarine detection vessel.

Part of the attraction there now, besides the wreckage, include the various corals that have sprung up, adding color and vibrancy to the scene. There are also several kinds of fish such as jackfish, coral trout and different types of lionfish. The currents are not very strong in the area but do appear at times, and can reduce the visibility dramaticaly. Beginners who wish to explore this dive site should have an experienced Divemaster to accompany them at all the times.


Video by: arizonadivesubic.com

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