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Depth:    4m - 35m / 13' - 115'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Wreck

The Barges

The "Barges" is one of the easier and more relaxed dive sites within the Subic Bay area, located just outside the north-west shore of Grande Island. The name of the dive site derives from the large number of pontoons that were put here by the American Forces. The barges and pontoons are scattered around the area divided into sections.

The site offers diving for both beginners and advanced divers, with fairly good visibility for being Subic Bay and plenty of marine life. Some of the most common fish types you will see at this site are garden eels, pipefish, lionfish, sea cucumbers, bluespotted stingrays, grouper's, clownfish and pufferfish.

The flow of the aquatic life forms are continuos so most of the times there are several of each species to behold. Sometimes divers have spotted school of tunsfish at the site but in general this is not very common.


Video by: arizonadivesubic.com

Marine Life @ The Barges

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