Dive logo Landing Ship Tank (LST) in Subic Bay



Depth:    30m - 36m / 98' - 118'

Skill Level:    Advanced Open Water

Description:    Wreck

Landing Ship Tank (LST)

LST is considered as one of the most popular dive sites in Subic Bay, and the site is used for both technical and recreational diving. One of the main reasons why this dive site is popular among divers, is because the wreck is so well preserved. Many of the major components can be seen clearly, and the sometimes fairly good visibility makes it easy for divers to navigate around the vessel and explore its various parts.

Many of the divers visiting this site come back for more as there's always new things to see. The site is home to bluespotted stingrays, lionfish, jackfish, stonefish, large pufferfish, octopus, clams and a variety of corals covering various parts of the wreck.

The bluespotted stingrays are usually well hidden under the silt at the top of the wreck, however, at this site tou're almost guaranteed to spot one or two of them! Occasionally divers report spotting remoras, these funny looking fish usually accompanies divers through the safety-stop all the way back up to the dive boat. With luck, visiting divers may be treated to a swim-past by the bull shark that inhabits the deep sections of the bay.

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