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Depth:    3m / 15' - Up

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Reef

Canyons Reef

The Canyons Reef is located just South-West of Grande Island. This dive site differs quite a lot from regular wreck diving sites scattered throughout the bay, offering great visibility (up to 15 meters), lots of corals and beautiful rock formations to explore. The site can be compared with other reef sites in the Philippines and is a great dive site for the less experienced diver.

You don't have to go far or deep bevore you come across stunning coral reefs scattered around the sea bed, often surrounded by different types of marine life. The most commonly spotted fish at this site area are clownfish, nudibranch, grouper, lionfish, pufferfish, jackfish. parrotfish, batfish and frogfish. Divers have occasionally reported to spot schools of cuttlefish, octopus and shark.

The reef has many fairly shallow spots, some as shallow as 15 feet, and is therefor commonly visited by less experienced divers or divers conducting their dive training. The Canyons Reef is a great site for snorkeling sessions depending on the tides. If you continue heading towards the Southern end, it gets deeper again. With the currents a bit stronger, this is ideal for a drift dive.

As an experienced diver this change of pace will offer no problems, but those who are just starting out would do well to stick to the shallower parts and not go too deep. Even if you don't go deep there are several fish species and clams to observe. This is definitely a "must visit" site in case you're diving in Subic Bay, a nice break from the far more advanced wreck diving sites with lower visibility and less marine life.


Video by: Steve Corry

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