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Depth:    12m - 16m / 39' - 52'

Skill Level:    Open Water

Description:    Wreck

San Quentin

Located at the eastern entrance of Subic Bay (southeast of Chiquita Island and Grande Island), is the historic wreck of the Spanish Gun Boat, the San Quentin / San Quintin (The Sunken Tin). The fascinating San Quentin wreck rests in 16 meters of water, allowing divers of all levels to explore what still remains of a ship that was scuttled in 1898 to block access to the bay from invading American Navy.

The San Quentin wreck is now home to a diverse range of aquatic life ranging from eels, sweetlips, cuttlefish, stingrays, large trevally, nudibranches and much more! The bow, boilers and stern including the large rudder section are intact with the rest of her hull sprawling on the sandy bottom resembling an ageing skeleton.

This Subic wreck is one of the most popular in the bay with most divers looking forward to spending an hour enjoying a tour on a Spanish ship that's been underwater for almost 120 years. the visibility is almost always good here and there is plenty of natural light due to her shallow depth.


Video by: arizonadivesubic.com

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