Dive logo El Capitain (USS Majaba) in Subic Bay



Depth:    4m - 22m / 13' - 73'

Skill Level:    Open Water & Above

Description:    Wreck

El Capitain (USS Majaba)

The wreck lies on its port side in a maximum depth of 22 meters, with the starboard side only 4 meters below the surface. She is approximately 3'000 tons, 80 meters long and structurally intact. Divers can enjoy swimming inside her massive forward and rear holds and if properly trained and equipped, enjoy comparatively safe penetration into her cavernous boiler room. The combination of good visibility, shallow depth, no current and intact structure makes this wreck an ideal starting point for novice wreck diver.

This wreck is well known amongst divers due to a fairly large air pocket in one of her cargo holds. When surfacing the pocket of air located at a depth of around 10 meters its very important to keep breathing thru the regulator due to the potentially toxic air. All in all, "El Capitain" is a fun wreck to dive on, suitable for both beginners and more advance diver.


Video by: arizonadivesubic.com

Marine Life @ El Capitain (USS Majaba)

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