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Depth:    40m - 45m / 131' - 147'

Skill Level:    Deep & Technical Divers

Description:    Wreck / Deep

F4 Phantom

This F4 Phantom Supersonic Fighter-Jet most likely served with the U.S. Navy and its probably an F-48, J or N model. The Phantom's intact condition and various missing components suggest it didn't crash or ditch. During the Vietnam War it wasn't uncommon for badly damaged aircrafts to be stripped for parts and, in some cases, even pushed overboard to free up space.

The F4 Phantom Jet dive site is located just outside the mouth, South of Subic Bay. The site contains the remains (basically only the airframe) of the aurcraft, and its belived that the plane was stripped of all mechanical and electrical parts before being pushed off a US aircraft carrier sometime during the Vietnam War. This wreck is located at a depth of 44 - 45 meters so it's required to hold at least Tec-45 before conducting a dive at this site.

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