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Depth:    6m - 70m / 20' - 230'

Skill Level:    Advanced Open Water

Description:    Wall

Amos Rock

Amos Rock, also known as Southwest Rock, is one of the many very popular scuba dive sites found on the North Atoll of Tubbataha Reefs National Park. It features a breathtaking wall that is covered in a variety of corals, including whip corals, and you will also find massive gorgonian fans along it as well.

A variety of large fish, including groupers, snappers, mackerels, and even Napoleon wrasses are also found drifting in the currents of this dive site. And during your dive, you may even encounter sharks, such as grey reef sharks and white-tip reef sharks, which are often seen in this area.

And if you are a night diver, you can take advantage of the opportunity to see a variety of marine species that come out after the sun goes down, such as lobsters, crabs, and plenty of fish.

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